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This place is not a restaurant. It does not fit into the modern understanding of restaurants. In fact, this is a restaurant home cooking. Iraqi cuisine or the Jewish community of immigrants from Iraq. It was opened on August 15, 1982, on Tuesday, a day that is considered twice a good day of the week, according to the creation of the world from the book of creation. The restaurant was opened by Itsik Agay and is named after his father, Mordechai, better known in the market as Mordokh. At the festive opening welcomed all residents of the area. Initially, there were only four tables, and at first the owners sought to fill only 16 chairs. Since then, much has changed, however, the kitchen and atmosphere remained the same. Of course, in the beginning there was no menu, and it so happened that the menu was created and changed every day according to the advice of clients - experienced shop owners in the market, people from Iraq. The regulars met each morning at the restaurant, so they were given the name "parliament", and they recalled the real tastes of Iraqi cuisine as they once knew from childhood. Their meeting was accompanied by market stories and they created a special atmosphere. This is how the modern menu developed, and especially the Kube soup. I sincerely advise you to try the soup and hummus. Translated with Google Translate

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It was wonderful adventure! Translated with Google Translate

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