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The fortified Crusader farm at Ein Hemed Aqua Bela was built for 20 years from 1140th year to 1160th year after Christmas. These were the years of the reign of the King of Jerusalem Polack Crusaders from Anjou. Ein Hemed Aqua Bela was built along with other fortifications: Belmont near today's settlement of Tsuba and also buildings in Emmaus. Ein Hemed Akwa Bela Malo is mentioned in the sources. One of the mentions goes back to the 1163rd year. This estate was offered as a tribute to the Hungarian king as a sign of gratitude to his pilgrimage to the holy land, however, the Hungarian king never made a pilgrimage to the holy land and the gift did not take place. From the surviving records it can be understood that Ein Hemed Akwa Bela belonged to the Order of the Hospitallers. It is likely that many pilgrims stayed in it, going to Jerusalem. The building consisted of a central courtyard and covered arched vaults around it. Today, the first floor is well preserved, in one of the rooms you can see equipment for pressing oil. Crusaders made wine, olive oil and sugar cane sugar here. Translated with Google Translate

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Ein Hemed Aqua Bela National Park

The pearl of nature in the Jerusalem mountains. Along the bed of the Kissalon creek there is a natural park. It is fed by the waters of the Ein Rafa spring. The ancients believed that it possesses healing properties, and the Crusaders built an estate here, which was used as a sanatorium for soldiers of the Hospitaller Order. Translated with Google Translate

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