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To many, the name of the church as a synagogue church may seem strange and cause questions. During the time of the Second Temple, synagogues were not a place of prayer but were essential community centers and homes for the interpretation of the Bible. St. Luke describes the events that took place in this synagogue: "And he came to Nazareth, where he was raised, and entered, as usual, on the Sabbath day into the synagogue and began to read." It is difficult to state unequivocally that this particular building is the historical site of the Nazareth synagogue. At the same time, the mention of Luke has to be reflected in the geography of the Holy Land. The pilgrims mentioned the place as the ancient Nazareth synagogue, starting from the middle of the 7th century. Crusaders built a large church here, which belonged to the Franciscans. The Arab ruler of Galilee, Dar el Omar, gave this church to the Greek Catholic Melkite community, which reconstructed the church in 1887.

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Evgeny Praisman
Nazareth in Christmas

We decided to go to Nazareth for Christmas. But very quickly, we realized that it is possible and necessary to come to Nazareth without any particular reason. It is a very self-sufficient, authentic, traditional, and modern city with a good spirit, smiling people, and delicious food. We took a walk from Maria’s well through the streets of the old town to the colorful bazaar, the white mosque, the synagogue church, the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of the House of Joseph, the Museum of cave-dwelled Nazareth, Fahome Coffee Shop, Alreda Restaurant, and Tishreen Restaurant. It was a wonderful trip!

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