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When we talk about the port and the port business part of the city, one cannot fail to mention one of the most widespread and popular cuisines of such places - Italian cuisine. The most popular dish of course is pizza. Many researchers tend to believe that pizza has its roots in the Roman world, in which there was a system of street fast food - thermopoly. Unlike taverns, which can be compared to modern restaurants, thermopolies served warm food to poor and needy people who could not prepare warm food at home. It was mainly bread with various additives. It was on this basis that pizza was born in Naples in 1522 with the addition of New World tomatoes. Pizza took root so quickly and successfully in Naples that it was even believed that Margarita of Savoy, wife of King Umberto the First, put this dish at the top of the table. Hence the name of the pizza - Margarita pizza. In Donatella, you will find not only pizza, but also various other dishes of Italian cuisine, and in Italian Danatella is a woman's name. Translated with Google Translate

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