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Yodfat tour. A study of wild plants with Mr. Barak Sagi. Second meeting. January 30, 2020


A tour of the Yodfat moshav and the nearby forest is dedicated to Urtica pilulifera, Malva, Chrysanthemum coronarium, Sinapis arvensis, Silybum marianum, Calendula arvensis, Starfish (Stellaria media), Theligonum cynocrambe, Salvia hierosolymitana, Snake pumpkin (Bryonia syriaca). A study of wild plants with Mr. Barak Sagi. Second meeting. Translated with Google Translate

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Chrysanthemum was picked for salad. Fill the bowl with leaves only. Hubeiza (Malva). Gather a large bundle of hubbies (Malva). The thistle (Silybum marianum). The Christian legend tells that Mary's milk wash fell on the leaf and formed white lines. The thistle of the thistle (Silybum marianum) falls as a purple flower grows. A plant accumulates silymarin which helps the liver. The leaves are consumed like lettuce. We'll make nettle and mustard patties today. There are 4 kinds of nettles. Urtica pilulifera is good for cooking. There is a lot of nettle in the forest. You have to pick up a lot of nettle because while cooking it is shrinking like spinach. Translated with Google Translate

There are important and poignant signs of this plant. In palpation it is rough. The Hebrew name "cat nails" probably derives from the shape of the seed similar to the cat's nail. Or because it's a literal translation from Russian. Translated with Google Translate

An asterisk (Stellaria media) has two hallmarks. The plant has a cord inside the stem. White fur on one side of the stem. This is true only for asterisk (Stellaria media). This plant is suitable for salad only. This plant is also good as a first aid, helping to soothe the irritation. Translated with Google Translate

A crown made of bay leaves was the winner's award in Greek culture. But bay leaves dry out after a while and the reward crumbles. So there is a saying in different languages that says not to rest on bay leaves. In other words, not to sit back after the victory but to practice for a new victory. Translated with Google Translate

The national institution called the Jewish National Fund established the Mario Sonino grove. This is a Jewish family from Rome. They were harmed in the Holocaust. Among those killed was a two-year-old. Translated with Google Translate

Umbilicus intermedius leaves are good for cooking. Water left after boiling helps to cure urinary tract infections. The taste of the leaves depends on the type of soil. She can be bitter and can be sweet. You can just chew a leaf. Translated with Google Translate

I recognized the marigolds (Calendula arvensis). Identifying the plant alone without prompting is one of the pleasant achievements that can happen in the course. Especially when anemone caught my attention. Translated with Google Translate

Sprawling scythe (Theligonum cynocrambe). Taste of roasted peanuts. Translated with Google Translate

Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

The other side of the leaf is reminiscent of cattle tongue. Lissan el Tor - the name of the plant in Arabic. Salvia hierosolymitana. Huffahaf - The name of a plant in Carmel. Larger leaves are used for rolling. Plant identification markers are rosette, purple petiole or reddish. Leaf is good for stews, soups, rolls. The blossom of the sage (Salvia) is reminiscent of the lamp that was in the temple. It is the source of the name from Jerusalem sage. Translated with Google Translate

Tricholoma terreum is a good fungus for eating. The best in the country. The popular name is Mouse because of the gray fur. The mushroom has long been contested. A fine mushroom in its taste. It grows in pine areas and coniferous forests. This mushroom has no imitation in the mushroom world so it is easy to identify and cannot be mistaken. It is easy to cook it bounce with wine. Translated with Google Translate

Geographically we are in the region of the Lower Galilee on the Yodfat Ridge. In the days of Josephus Flavius, there was a city of the same name here. Romans conquered the city and captured Josephus. Translated with Google Translate

Large areas with Jerusalem sage. Translated with Google Translate

The smell of this plant causes hallucinations. The fruits turn orange when very ripe. If you put the ripe fruit in the water and leave it, it will cause the smell of hallucinations. The flowers give rise to hallucinations. Translated with Google Translate

Large areas with Jerusalem sage. Translated with Google Translate

Bryonia has inedible poisonous fruit. Only young leaves are used for eating. Lowers swelling. Translated with Google Translate

It's a fat mushroom. The same domesticated mushroom is the Champignon. Some are good some are toxic. If you cut the mushroom foot and it yellows - it's poison. Another sign of identification is smell. Toxicity has the distinct smell of iodine. Willow-nested mushroom is a good mushroom. Its hallmark is color. It is orange and green at the touch. Translated with Google Translate


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