Pinsteps. The Tap of Glencoe: A Historical Landmark in Scotland's Majestic Highlands
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The Tap of Glencoe, more commonly known as Pap of Glencoe or Sgurr na Cìche in Gaelic, is a distinctive mountain in the Scottish Highlands on the eastern side of Glencoe. It's part of the larger Bidean nam Bian massif and is most known for its unique conical shape.

The mountain's name, "Pap of Glencoe," can be interpreted as "the breast of Glencoe," which refers to its distinctive shape. In Gaelic, "Sgurr na Cìche" holds a similar meaning.

The location of the Tap of Glencoe is central to understanding Scotland's geography. Scotland is often divided into the Lowlands and the Highlands. Glencoe, including the Tap, lies in the Highlands, a region known for its stunning natural beauty, including mountains, lochs, and forests. The Scottish Highlands are the most mountainous area in the British Isles and are often seen as representing the very essence of Scotland.

The Glencoe region, including the Tap of Glencoe, has historically been significant due to its location on trading and military routes. It lies near the historical drover's road, now the modern A82 road, which has been an essential north-south route in western Scotland for hundreds of years. The area has been a strategic point in various military operations, including during the Jacobite risings in the 18th century.

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Evgeny Praisman
A Highland Odyssey: From Glencoe through Fort William to Letterfinlay Lodge, 14 of July 2023

My journey began in the serene valley of Glencoe, an enchanting landscape where tales of ancient clans and bloody battles echoed in the wind. Surrounded by majestic mountains, I felt a palpable sense of history intertwining with the region's raw beauty.

My next destination was Fort William, a pivotal gateway to the Highlands. There, I witnessed the Fort William War Memorial, a stark testament to the enduring resilience of the Highlanders. The nearby Parish Church of Duncansburgh MacIntosh, with its quaint charm, pulled me into the rich religious history of the region.

Just a stone's throw away, I found myself at the Fort William Railway Station. The starting point of the magical Jacobite Steam Train journey, the station served as a poignant reminder of the railway's significant role in the town's development.

Continuing my journey, I stumbled upon the Commando Memorial, a site dedicated to the brave Commandos who trained in the unforgiving conditions of the Highlands during World War II. I deeply respected these courageous individuals and was touched by the enduring bond between the locals and the Commandos.

My Highland odyssey culminated at the luxurious retreat of Letterfinlay Lodge. Nestled on the tranquil shores of Loch Lochy, this lodge was a haven of traditional Scottish hospitality. I found myself exploring the charming gardens, savouring exquisite cuisine on the veranda, and unwinding in the plush comfort of my room, styled with traditional Scottish elegance.

The panoramic views of the loch were captivating, while the rumours of hidden treasures in the surrounding forest added a hint of mystery to the lodge's allure. I realised, sitting there, sipping on a fine Scottish whisky, that every element of Letterfinlay Lodge was imbued with the magic of the Highlands.

The journey from Glencoe, through Fort William, to Letterfinlay Lodge was an odyssey through the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Each stop was a testament to the region's rich history and stunning beauty, and the entire adventure left me with unforgettable memories and a newfound appreciation for the magic of the Highlands.

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Evgeny Praisman (author)
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