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Medieval unification of merchants and artisans into two guilds, respectively, one for merchants and the other for artisans occurred in Riga at the end of the 14th century. This was connected not only with the type of activity, but, and in many respects, with the national composition. The majority of artisans were descendants and immigrants from Germany, later representatives of the liberal professions joined them. The merchants were from different countries and different backgrounds. Over time, the merchant guild built a large building on the outskirts of the city, and the Great Guild was called, while the craft guild built itself a smaller building in the same part of the city and was called the Small Guild. Today in the building of the Small Guild a concert hall was created. The patron saint of artisans is the holy virgin Mary, while the patron saint of merchants is John the Baptist. This caused a variety of sculptures and elements in the design of buildings, respectively, large and small guilds. Before the guild buildings were built, a Franciscan monastery was located here. They say from this is the name of the street: Amatu from the phrase "gray brothers." Translated with Google Translate

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A rainy autumn day in Riga

What to do in Riga on a rainy autumn day, and even a day off? You can actually have a great time and share some secrets. Translated with Google Translate

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