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Lake Pontchartrain is a sizeable brackish estuary located in southeastern Louisiana, USA. It covers an area of approximately 630 square miles and has a mean depth of about 12 to 14 feet. The lake is connected to the Gulf of Mexico via the Rigolets and Chef Menteur Pass, and several major rivers, including the Mississippi and the Tangipahoa, feed it.

The wetlands surrounding Lake Pontchartrain, including the Manchac and Maurepas swamps, are home to a diverse array of flora and fauna. The marshes are characterised by a unique combination of freshwater and saltwater, and they serve as critical habitats for many species of fish, birds, and mammals.

The creation of Lake Pontchartrain is a result of the natural processes of deltaic land building and subsidence. Over thousands of years, the Mississippi River deposited sediment and built a delta. As the delta grew, it created natural levees that trapped water and formed lakes and swamps. However, subsidence caused by biological processes and human activities has led to the gradual sinking of the land around the lake and the loss of wetlands.

Navigating the swamps around Lake Pontchartrain requires specialised knowledge and equipment. Boats designed for shallow waters, such as airboats and flat-bottomed boats, are commonly used for wetland travel. The dense vegetation and the presence of submerged logs and other debris also complicate navigation. To safely explore the swamps, visitors are advised to go with experienced guides familiar with the area.

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Cajun Swamp in LaPlace, Louisiana, of May 20, 2021

Cajun Pride Swamp Tours is a popular tourist attraction located in LaPlace, Louisiana. The tour company offers several different tour packages to explore the local swamps and wildlife.

As of September 2021, the admission prices and arrangements for Cajun Pride Swamp Tours were as follows:

Adult (13 years and older) general admission: $29.00 Child (4-12 years old) general admission: $15.00 Children 3 years old and under: free

Private boat tours and group rates are also available.

During the tour, visitors are taken on a guided boat ride through the swamps and wetlands of Louisiana. The tour guides, who are often locals with extensive knowledge of the area, provide commentary on the history, ecology, and wildlife of the swamps. Visitors can expect to see alligators, turtles, snakes, and a variety of birds and other wildlife. In addition to the wildlife, visitors will also see the unique ecosystem of the swamps, including the cypress trees and Spanish moss.

The tour company offers several different tour options, including a standard 1-hour tour, a longer 2-hour tour, and a sunset tour. They also have a gift shop on-site, where visitors can purchase souvenirs and locally-made crafts. Overall, Cajun Pride Swamp Tours is a popular and educational way to explore the unique environment and wildlife of the cajun swamps in Louisiana.

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