Pinsteps. Dorit outpost, Tel Katzir
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Many agricultural fields can be seen from the post. Most of the crops are bananas. Banana growing nets save about 25% of water consumption. Up the Yarmouk you can see the opening of the Harur canal dug in the mountain and continuing to the King Abdullah canal, in the area of Tzipori Junction in the Jordan Valley, water is drawn from it to Amman for drinking water. At the 121st mark on the system road there is a descent to the demilitarized zone. With the approval of the army, you can enter and there is the water distribution point. A valve directs the Yarmouk water here or there. What we deserve drains into a reservoir, what the Jordanians have - into the Abdullah Canal. Translated with Google Translate

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Evgeny Praisman
Jordan Valley and southern shore of Kinneret

This daily trip kisses the most mythical points of the Israeli tradition. We will start with Menahemia, which was once called the Paris of the Galilee and became a hole in the Jordan Valley. We will talk and observe the important sites related to the peace agreement with the Kingdom of Jordan and the management of the water economy between the two countries. We will visit Kibbutz Kinneret Group and get to know Naomi Shemer's places of inspiration and end up at Kibbutz Maagan in the Paratrooper's House. Translated with Google Translate

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