Pinsteps. Monkey Park in Ben Shemen Forest
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Once, this place was called Park aKofim - a park of monkeys. Park Ha-Kofim was the largest monkey nursery in the country. They create a real jungle here to acclimatize animals better and recreate the conditions of their natural habitat. Aviaries are open to this day, and communication with animals occurs at arm's length and completely safe. Experienced instructors and guides are constantly present in the park. The Saimiri monkey nursery inspired this park in the north of the country. The park was founded in 1996 and quickly became a place of recreation. Families came here for the whole day. Even today, in the summer months, various attractions for children, labyrinths, cableways, and various water activities are arranged in the park. Here you can also have a picnic and buy hot and cold drinks in the small cafeteria. The park organizes various sports and interactive games for school students to celebrate birthdays and corporate events.

At the same time, the park changed its original purpose. Today, it is Israel's Monkey Shelter, a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates animals. The rescue center is visited by monkeys that came out of research laboratories, monkeys smuggled into Israel and raised in cruelty, monkeys that people tried to breed in their homes in a vain attempt to turn them into pets. At the Monkey School, which is located in the rescue center, monkeys are learning to live in the monkey community, which is so important for their mental well-being. Part of the rescue center is open to visitors.

In this regard, the story of one monkey, which was forcibly separated from its human family, is unique. In the stubborn and obsessive idea of saving the monkey, she was doomed to almost death among the monkeys. A wave of public protest and the constantly deteriorating health of the animal returned the monkey to its human family.

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Forest Ben Shemen, Kfar Daniel and Tel Hadid

The Ben Shemen Forest eastern border begins near Kfar Daniel with its famous Jewelry Factory, expands through the Monkey Rehabilitation Center till the Tel Hadid and the breathtaking views of the coastal plain and Gush Dan. Two hours of beauty under your nose!

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