Pinsteps. The Musical Roots of Bratislava: Franz Liszt's Early Years
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Bratislava has a unique connection to a great composer through his early education. The renowned composer Franz Liszt had his roots here. His father, Adam Liszt (1776–1827), served as an official in the administration of Prince Esterhazy. The Esterhazy princes were known for their patronage of the arts.

Young Adam Liszt played the cello in the orchestra conducted by Joseph Haydn in Prince Esterhazy's court until age 14. After completing his education at a Catholic gymnasium in Pressburg (now Bratislava), Adam briefly joined the Franciscan order but decided to leave after two years. Interestingly, he maintained a lifelong friendship with one of the Franciscans, which some researchers believe inspired him to name his son Franz.

Franz Liszt's life and the twists and turns of his career can be explored further through the provided link. And for those visiting the square, there's a cosy café to enjoy before continuing your journey to Budapest.

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Vienna to Budapest via Bratislava

The journey from Vienna to Budapest via Bratislava includes a stop in Bratislava for a city tour. Explore the rich history of Bratislava, visit the bustling city square, admire the grandeur of the palace, walk through the iconic St. Michael's Gate, and experience the elegance of the Opera House.

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