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The Burned House Museum is the ruins of a structure found during excavations. According to the artifacts discovered, the house belonged to the famous Jewish family Katros, which is mentioned in the Talmud. The reason for this is the found weight, on which the name of the Jewish priest was engraved. The museum shows visitors several rooms, which were bedrooms, as well as a bathhouse where the ablutions were held. The exhibits relate to the period of the Second Temple and the time when the army of the Romans entered Jerusalem, as a result of which the Katros house was burned, and many buildings of the city were burned or destroyed. Apparently, the house was more than what was discovered as a result of the excavations, but further excavations are not possible, because other structures have been erected in their place, and many secrets of those times will still be hidden from humanity. The film is shown in the museum. Translated with Google Translate

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Masa Jerusalem

Walk through the old city of Jerusalem. From Yafsky gates to the garbage gates. The Jerusalem Museum from the time of the Second Khrami and a burnt house. Wall of Tears. Translated with Google Translate

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