Pinsteps. The Legends of Storr: Giants, Warriors, and Mysteries of the Isle of Skye
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Legend 1: Storr and His Indiscretion

Long ago, in the times of giants, on the Isle of Skye lived a mighty giant named Storr. He was renowned for his strength and ability to handle entire herds of dinosaurs. But his indiscretion led to the wrath of the gods, and one day, having forgotten to block the gorge with a boulder, the dinosaurs trampled him. His mighty phallus ascended high into the sky and was covered with molten lava, turning into a gigantic basalt column.

Legend 2: The Picts and the Penis of Storr

As time passed, the Isle of Skye became inhabited by the Picts, warriors, and hunters. They deified Storr's stone phallus, calling it the Penis of Storr, and prayed to it for hunting success. Their prayers were answered, and they lived in abundance and satisfaction, thanks to plentiful deer, salmon, and even unusual horned sheep and cows.

Legend 3: Vikings and the Mysteries of Storr

One day, the Isle of Skye was spotted by Vikings. Their sentinels noticed an unusual rock jutting out amidst a mountain slope and decided to explore it. Delving into the island's hidden corners, they discovered traces of ancient rituals and sacrifices and found ancient writings telling of Storr and his might. The Vikings chose to leave the island undisturbed, understanding that it was sacred and full of mysteries.

These legends can be further expanded into full-fledged tales or myths, telling of ancient giants, Picts, Vikings, and the mystical power of Storr. Each could contain lessons, symbolism, and metaphors reflecting the culture and history of the Isle of Skye and its inhabitants.

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Evgeny Praisman
Isle of Skye: From the Peaks of The Old Man of Storr to the Coastal Cliffs of Kilt Rock of Jul 16, 2023

Our adventure on the Isle of Skye began with a captivating hike to the Old Man of Storr, an iconic rock formation. We trekked through vibrant, rugged landscapes and were rewarded with stunning views from the top. The towering pinnacle and its surrounding pinnacles are a unique geological wonder, standing tall against Skye's dramatic backdrop. This place, steeped in local legends and folklore, lent an air of mystery to our exploration. Along the way, we discovered greenish clay at the base of the Old Man, hinting at the island's rich ceramic traditions and Viking heritage.

Next, we were enthralled by the sight of the Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls Viewpoint. The Kilt Rock, named so for its striking resemblance to a kilt, features vertical basalt columns resting on a bed of sandstone. From the viewpoint, we were treated to a breathtaking spectacle of the Mealt Falls, plummeting 55 meters into the sea. The gushing water against the sounds of the winds and waves seemed like an orchestra of nature, offering an experience to remember. We were also fascinated by the nesting seabirds, such as fulmars, which make the cliff face their home.

However, our journey took an unexpected turn while driving on the island's narrow, winding roads. The tire of our vehicle got punctured due to the jagged edges of the roadside curb. Stranded without a spare tire, our journey came to a halt. Despite being in a region with no cellular connection, we were fortunate to meet a resident who helped us contact our rental company. Although the arrival of a technician brought some relief, it turned out he had come to tow our car back to the garage rather than replace the tire. A replacement had to be ordered from the mainland, implying we'd be without our vehicle until the following evening.

Though initially a setback, this incident led us on a different kind of adventure. We began exploring Skye's enchanting landscapes using public transport, discovering its beauty from a different perspective. Our impromptu bus adventure allowed us to interact more with locals and fellow travellers, making our journey even more memorable.

In the end, our trip to the Isle of Skye, though filled with unforeseen circumstances, offered many memorable experiences. From mesmerising landscapes to fascinating wildlife, historical influences to unexpected adventures, the island provided a captivating blend of nature, culture, and adventure.

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