Pinsteps. The Wohl Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum (Rova Irodiani) of the quarter of the time of Herod the Great is a large-scale excavation, which was carried out from 1968 to 1983. Here were found the ruins of buildings from the reign of King Herod the Great, preserved in good condition. Being ambiguously priced in history for his religious and ethnic views, King Herod, however, left behind the greatest and most prominent buildings and projects. Archaeologists discovered 6 buildings, 3 of them were preserved better than the rest, and allow you to contemplate ancient frescoes, mosaics. Even furniture, stoves, dishes, various household items and much more have been preserved. All exhibits are provided with the support of modern technologies - lighting in the right places, audio-visual presentations, photos of the times of excavation. At the moment, about 2,500 square meters have been cleared. m., and the excavation continues. Translated with Google Translate

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Walk through the old city of Jerusalem. From Yafsky gates to the garbage gates. The Jerusalem Museum from the time of the Second Khrami and a burnt house. Wall of Tears. Translated with Google Translate

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