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Monument to the liberation of Cesis during the First World War. On June 23, 1919, at 6 o’clock in the morning, the combined Latvian-Estonian army liberated Cesis from German troops. The foundation stone was laid on June 22, 1924. The President of Latvia took part in this event and laid a capsule with a description of the events of 1919 at the base of the monument. The inscription on the monument: “No zobena saule lēca”. (The sun rises from the sword). 1919 - 1920. Translated with Google Translate

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Golden Autumn of Latvia, Cesis, Riga

Day trip through the Gauja river park, old manors, ancient Cesis and a medieval castle, the Baltic Sea and coniferous forest and of course the beautiful old woman of Riga Translated with Google Translate

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