Pinsteps. Nabi Musa in Judean Desert

The burial named by Muslims Nabi Musa (Prophet Musa) is a place for festive pilgrimage for Muslims. After Salah a-Din victory over the Crusaders and the conquest of Jerusalem in 1187, the tradition was born. Masses of Muslims were gathering here and were entering Jerusalem during Easter to secure Muslim supremacy in the Holy City. The fact that unlike any other Muslim holidays, this festival is not related to the Muslim calendar but is fixed by the Greek Orthodox calendar strengthens the origin of the tradition as based on political needs rather than on historical evidence. The holiness to the place was created by a connection with the name of Prophet Musa. Koran does not relate to the Old Testament, although it was explicitly stated that Moses did not enter the Promised Land, and his burial place is unknown in Moab. It is nothing to prevent Muslims from believing that this place is the burial place of Moses. They think that the burial place of Moses was discovered in a dream to Abdallah following which the mosque was established. The festivals near the mosque and the Prophet Musa compound became a day of Palestinian nationalist movement in the early 1920s, from where the riots of the 20th century came.

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The Monasteries of the Judean Desert

A beautiful day trip in the Judean Desert starts in the monastery of Euthymius the Great. It leads us to the water source of Ein Mabuah in the Prat creek, where a spectacular overlook to Wadi Qelt is open. Afterward, it takes us to the Good Samaritan museum with the magnificent mosaic collection, paves the steps to the St. Georgius Monastery in Faran creek, and ends in Nabi Musa - place where Moses was buried by Muslims tradition.

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