Pinsteps. The paratrooper's house, anchorage

From the paratrooper's house begins a beautiful promenade along the bank of the Sea of Galilee. A tragic story happened at the unveiling ceremony of the monument to their victory in 1954. The ceremony was attended by the prime ministers, Prime Minister Moshe Shertok and the paratroopers of the settlement. Two planes circled over the place and one of them wanted to throw a toll to the crowd, the plane fell into the crowd in a way that killed 17 people. 4 of them were paratroopers returning from Europe. Pilot Uri Galin went to the United States, but eventually returned to Israel and became a doctor and lecturer at the Technion. The story of the disaster and the investigation of its circumstances are not a significant hand. You can read more at the link. Translated with Google Translate

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Jordan Valley and southern shore of Kinneret

This daily trip kisses the most mythical points of the Israeli tradition. We will start with Menahemia, which was once called the Paris of the Galilee and became a hole in the Jordan Valley. We will talk and observe the important sites related to the peace agreement with the Kingdom of Jordan and the management of the water economy between the two countries. We will visit Kibbutz Kinneret Group and get to know Naomi Shemer's places of inspiration and end up at Kibbutz Maagan in the Paratrooper's House. Translated with Google Translate

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