Pinsteps. Solar eclipse

Here, events related to Adalbert Stifter and the Solar Eclipse took place. It's strange why the Viennese decided to install a memorial plaque for this event here. After all, it's evident that he was not the only person in Vienna at that time who observed the eclipse. But he was the only one who wrote a detailed personal essay about witnessing the eclipse, and wrote it well. Today, almost 170 years later, this essay may seem tedious and contrived, but let's remember that back then, there was no internet, no telephone, no television, and, quite hard to imagine, no photos. There was only pen and paper. Adalbert Stifter (October 23, 1805 – January 28, 1868) was an Austrian writer, poet, artist, and teacher. He excelled in vivid natural landscapes, which he masterfully described in his writings. He remained popular in the German-speaking world for a long time, remaining almost entirely unknown to readers in other languages. The solar eclipse of 1842: '... as soon as I ascended to the observation platform high above the entire city, this phenomenon appeared before my eyes. It's amazing how things are structured that I never thought about. Neither about how admiration is arranged, nor about how dreams are arranged. No one thinks about it unless they have seen this wonder. Never in my entire life have I been so shaken, both in distress and sublimity, as in those two minutes—it was something like if God had told me everything at once, and I understood it...'

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Vienna. The Ringstrasse.

A leisurely stroll through the historic part of the city unfolds a tapestry of enchanting landmarks. The city park, adorned with the melodies of Strauss and Schubert, leads to the venerable city gates named after Luger and Mozart. The narrative of "Ah, My Sweet Augustine" echoes through time, while the oldest church in the city stands as a testament to bygone eras. The tales of Theodor Herzl, the anchor clocks, the Jewish quarter, the square where it all began, the longest narrow alley, the Estergazi restaurant, and Andersen's house weave together seamlessly.

Wander down Graben Street, passing by the plague column and fountains, where the stories of homes, people, words, legends, and traditions blend harmoniously. Amidst it all, relish the charm of restaurants, cafes, wines, and coziness that add an extra layer of warmth to this rich tapestry of history and culture.

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