Pinsteps. Nahal Bokek: The Stream with a Name as Abundant as Its Waters
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The name "Nahal Bokek" was given by the Israeli Government Names Committee in 1950. The name was chosen due to its resemblance to the Arabic name "Wadi Ba'jaq." The upper part of Nahal Bokek is called "Wadi Fashkhat al-Darawish" in Arabic, which translates to "the stream of the Dervishes' cliff." The word "Bokek" in Hebrew has a meaning related to "abundance," reflecting the stream's characteristics. This nomenclature reflects the geographical and cultural history of the region, linking it to its Arabic roots and the natural features of the stream.

The naming of places like Nahal Bokek is part of the rich tapestry of historical and cultural influences in the region, where Hebrew and Arabic names often coexist and reflect the diverse heritage of the land.

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Bokek Stream adventure Uncover History! Hiking near the Dead Sea on Jan 11, 2024

Your day hike along the Bokek Stream promises to be enriching and exciting. Starting from Tsuk Tamrur, a name that testifies to British oil exploration attempts in the 1930s, you will proceed towards Bokek Fortress near the Dead Sea. Along the way, you'll encounter stunning landscapes and learn many stories, including the region's geological past. This journey offers insights into human activities and natural phenomena, such as the Syrian-African Rift, which led to the formation of the Dead Sea Valley.

As the sun sets behind the mountains in the evening, you'll descend into the Dead Sea Valley. This part of the route is awe-inspiring due to its dramatic elevation drop of about four hundred meters. The view from the observation deck is breathtaking, especially during twilight. This unique blend of history, geology, and incredible natural beauty makes the hike along the Bokek Stream an unforgettable experience.

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