Pinsteps. Soaring Orange, Jaffa
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This is one of many stories associated with this interesting monument, or work of art. This story does not claim the right to be the only, and even more so, not the ultimate truth. One day, a hanging tree appeared in ancient Jaffa. Many began to think and wonder what it would mean, because these artists sometimes wander into the head, which you can’t even make out. They said that this was a symbol of freedom, they also told the children from school trips that the first settlers literally grew oranges on stones, and there were those who said that it was just that the house plant grew so much that it was necessary to plant it on the street in a tub suspended between houses. Much later they began to say that this hanging tree is a symbol of the long and difficult relationship of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. One of the residents of the artists' quarter decided to plant a fruit tree - an orange. Municipal authorities suddenly remembered the Turkish right to tax fruit trees. The freedom of artists and the desire to live calmly and freely, often enough in Jaffa found, not that, misunderstanding, but rather, attempts to put everything within their framework, from the side of the city bureaucracy. How to go beyond? It is very simple - to plant a tree not on the land of the municipality, but ... in the air. Translated with Google Translate

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Jaffa - from the promenade to the promenade

This unhurried walk from the embankment through the old city to another part of the embankment will allow you to fully understand and feel the old part of the city of Jaffa. Walking along the promenade from the famous ledge resembling the bow of a ship to the customs building, we learn the history of an important port city, and, having understood from the port along the stairs to its narrow streets, we plunge into the kingdom of the east. But not for long will we be accompanied by a sense of fairy tales of a thousand and one nights. The modern history of Jaffa will slightly open the veil on his creative and pictorial side. These are galleries, monuments, sculptures, a constant floating orange and zodiac signs with a wish bridge. We conclude our walk by going down along the house of Simon Tanner to the English part of the port to its restaurants, shops and the famous scales, which served the English customs faithfully in a difficult fight against smugglers. By the way, from the roof of the house of the tanner Simon almost two thousand years ago, Christianity began its journey to Rome. Translated with Google Translate

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