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Nino successfully robbed and plundered the English villages. After a successful raid in collaboration with the French Baron Savoisy, the Niño detachment returned to Brest, where Perot was instructed to return to Castile. He sailed to Santander and, after passing through Valladolid, arrived at King Enrique III to Madrid, and received the promise of the king to make Nino as admiral of the Castilian fleet. But the king died, Nino fell in love with Beatrice of Portugal and his great career and fame remained an unattainable dream, for the regent of King Juan II, both Nina himself and his Beatrice were not at all in spirit. But! There was no other candidate, and the proud and offended Nino went home until the regent and the courtiers begged him to return, and also until he was allowed to marry his beloved Beatrice. Translated with Google Translate

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A tiny medieval town in the mountains. Beautiful views and unexpected stories. Translated with Google Translate

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