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Victorin Roman balanced his planter role with politics, benefiting the Roman family. As the Parish Recorder, Victorin had an intimate understanding of the business activities of his neighbours in St. James Parish, which extended to the entire Roman family. Similarly, Jean Jacques, Victorin's son, continued the tradition of being both a planter and a politician by serving as Parish Judge. Meanwhile, despite not holding any political or financial position, Josephine Roman Alme surpassed her brothers in wealth. She married Valcour Aime, a planter who saw sugarcane as a science and constantly worked to improve it. With Valcour's business sense and Josephine's family connections, they created a thriving sugar plantation known as St. James Refinery or Le Petit Versailles due to its grandeur and imaginative gardens. Jacques Telesphore Roman, or J.T., was the youngest sibling who concentrated on plantation operations and owned Oak Alley, a more modest sugar plantation upriver.

Like many other planters, the Roman family used enslaved individuals for much more than labour with the assistance of banks such as the Consolidated Association of the Planters of Louisiana. The enslaved people were used as a guaranteed line of credit and replicating cash source. When J.T. Roman died, his inventory at Oak Alley showed that he had mortgaged every enslaved person at least once, indicating that they provided revenue well beyond what their work produced in the cane fields.

The Roman family was a successful dynasty in the Creole elite due to their ability to keep business and profit within the family. Led by André Bienvenue Roman or A.B., the family considered external factors that affected sugarcane, such as the economy and politics, to ensure the crop's success as an exported commodity. A.B. served in multiple positions, including State Representative, Speaker of the House, St. James Parish Judge, and two non-consecutive terms as Louisiana's Governor. He was also an unofficial advisor to the family and served as Executor of the Estate for his siblings. Sosthene Roman, while running Magnolia plantation with his brother Zenon, served as a Director for the Consolidated Association of the Planters of Louisiana and made a lucrative foray into the slave trade, purchasing enslaved people from the East Coast and reselling them on New Orleans' auction blocks.

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Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie of May 20, 2021

It was an incredible adventure! Vacherie is a small St. James Parish, Louisiana, USA community. It is known for its historic plantations that offer visitors a glimpse into the area's antebellum past. One of the most famous plantations in the area is Oak Alley Plantation, renowned for its oak-lined driveway and Greek Revival-style mansion. Visitors can also explore the Laura Plantation, known for its Creole architecture and offers tours that delve into the history of the area's enslaved African American population. Vacherie is also a popular spot for Cajun and Creole cuisine, with many restaurants offering dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya, and po'boys.

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