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This beautiful house is known to Muscovites in the Prague restaurant. And it was built as an apartment building at the end of the 18th century, and it was not until the end of the 19th that the Prague pub was opened. Local booths (cab drivers) called the Braga tavern in their own way. (Kstiti, Balagula - this is russified Baal Agala - "the owner of the cart" in Hebrew). After a realignment of the building, the Prague merchant Tararykin, who lived on the Arbat, turned Prague into a real prestigious restaurant. And in 1914, after the last rebuilding, plates appeared in the restaurant with the inscription: "Greetings from Tararykin." After the revolution, the dining room of Mosselprom appeared here, where Kisa Vorobyaninov drove from the novel 12 chairs to student Lisa. In the 30s there was a closed dining room of the NKVD, and after the war, Prague became a luxurious restaurant where government banquets were held. Translated with Google Translate

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Moscow City, Arbat, Alexander Garden and Red Square.

The route consists of three different districts of Moscow that are completely different from each other. City is modernity, offices, high-rise glass skyscrapers and the atmosphere of a business center in the super modern Western style. Arbat - old and new - is a window into the hysterical and Soviet past of the city. Alexander Garden and Red Square are the heart of Moscow. The route can be divided into three separate parts, and you can visit them a full day. Translated with Google Translate

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