Pinsteps. Corner building at the intersection of Amagenim and Ben Gurion, Haifa
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Spinney's, an English gourmet store, was once located in a beautiful semicircular building on the corner. Albert Edward Conquest, the head of the Haifa Criminal Investigation Department, came out of its door on the morning of April 26, 1947. He was followed by two: Yakov Penso and Avner Groshov. They knew that before Albert did his shopping in the store, he showed up at work at the headquarters on Kings way (modern Independence Avenue - Derech HaAtsmaut), then asked the driver to take him to the store and was going to go back to the office to dive. to work. There were three high-profile cases on his desk. Three weeks ago, oil storage facilities in the port were blown up, just five days ago a train with six hundred British soldiers and officers was derailed near Rehovot, five military and three civilians were killed, including a five-year-old child, and yesterday an explosion thundered in Tel Aviv at the army headquarters in Saron. that killed four Englishmen. Before Conquest had time to approach the car, a car jumped out from around the corner and a whole clip was fired into it from the lowered glass from the Thompson machine gun. At 13:30 he died in the hospital. A car with criminals swept up the Carmel Street (Ben Gurion Avenue). They went after him, the car was fired at and crashed into a telegraph pole, but the criminals managed to escape. Soon, the Jewish underground organization Fighters for the Freedom of Israel (Lohamei Herut Israel - Lehi) took responsibility for the "execution" of the British officer, as well as for the three cases in the investigation of which he took part. His funeral was attended by prominent figures of Jewish organizations and institutions, believing that the attempt on the life of Albert Edward was a gross violation of the established cooperation between the British police and official Jewish organizations and self-defense units (Agana). Conquest handed them information about the Arab formations, and they guaranteed him immunity from Lehi and Etzel. Another year will pass, and the last English soldier will forever leave the Mandatory Palestine from the Haifa pier, but for now, there will be an irreconcilable struggle for who will take power in their hands with their departure. Translated with Google Translate

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Haifa - underground and renovation

A mixture of former English colonial grandeur, long desolation and modern revival. Jaffa Street, the old port area and the current update in a good mix of stories and adventures that can only happen in a port city, where Germans, British, illegal immigrants and underground fighters left their mark. It will not do without the mythological Israeli car Susit, daring attacks by underground fighters, tragic flooding of ships, pubs, bars and restaurants, from traditional Mediterranean cuisine to a classic English pub or French restaurant. Let's go for a walk. Translated with Google Translate

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