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From this point, beyond the bastion of the passage opens the waters of the Bastion Park. One of the most beautiful parks in my opinion. I was lucky to be in Riga many times. At different times of the year. I've always been good here. This park has a special atmosphere. There is in the park, probably as in many places today, a bridge hung with castles. I have no idea where this tradition came from, nor can I understand it. Why do human relationships, especially love, need to be put on the castle? Oddly enough, right next to the bridge with castles you can see the monument of freedom. One of the symbols of Latvia. It is hardly worth mentioning about it only to mention that it was erected in 1935 during the first independence of Latvia in the square where the monument to Peter the First stood. After the Second World War, the monument was preserved thanks to the famous Soviet architect Mukhina (the work “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow) - born in Riga. Translated with Google Translate

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A rainy autumn day in Riga

What to do in Riga on a rainy autumn day, and even a day off? You can actually have a great time and share some secrets. Translated with Google Translate

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