It overlooks the Red Square, the corner Arsenal Tower, Nikolskaya Tower up along the walls of the Kremlin, the building of the State Historical Museum and the monument to Marshal Zhukov. The corner tower is also called the Sobakinsky tower. Not far from her were the boyars of the Sobakins' boyars. The tower has a well - a spring for the supply of water to the besieged Kremlin. It was built by Italian architect Antonio Solari. In 1707, Peter the First ordered the loopholes to be expanded to install more powerful cannons in case of a siege by the Swedes against the walls of the Kremlin. The building of the historical museum, reminiscent of Russian terem architecture, was built in 1883 and became one of the most famous museums in the country, the collection of which included monasteries and churches, the imperial family and nobles, noblemen and merchants. The monument to Gerogiy Konstantinovich Zhukov was erected in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the Victory. Marshal is depicted on horseback - as he took the victory parade on Red Square in 1945. It is noteworthy that the horse was white and they could only find such a horse in the cavalry regiment of the KGB. Translated with Google Translate

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Moscow City, Arbat, Alexander Garden and Red Square.

The route consists of three different districts of Moscow that are completely different from each other. City is modernity, offices, high-rise glass skyscrapers and the atmosphere of a business center in the super modern Western style. Arbat - old and new - is a window into the hysterical and Soviet past of the city. Alexander Garden and Red Square are the heart of Moscow. The route can be divided into three separate parts, and you can visit them a full day. Translated with Google Translate

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