Pinsteps. "John Deere and David Brown: A Legacy of Innovation and Reliability in Agricultural Machinery at Savannah Farm"
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John Deere and David Brown are two historically significant names in the world of agriculture, with their tractors widely used on farms such as Savannah near Jish. John Deere, founded in 1837 by a blacksmith named John Deere in Illinois, USA, started with the invention of the steel plough, revolutionising farming by improving soil preparation. David Brown Tractors was a British company established in 1936 by David Brown, an English engineer and entrepreneur known for its role in developing and manufacturing a range of gearboxes and tractor systems.

John Deere tractors are recognised for their durability and innovation, with a reputation for introducing pioneering technology, such as the earliest commercially successful, self-scouring steel plough and advanced precision farming systems in their modern machines. David Brown tractors, on the other hand, have a reputation for being straightforward, reliable, and easy to maintain. These features were valued highly in the challenging conditions of British farming and remain attractive to farmers worldwide today.

The choice of these two brands of tractors at Savannah Farm underscores the importance of reliability, durability, and technological advancement in effective farming practices.

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