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At the end of the nineteenth century, an imperial Palestinophilian society was founded in Russia. It aimed to purchase land in Palestine and develop infrastructure for Russian pilgrims. In 1904, the construction of the Sergius Compound in Nazareth began. Gottlieb Schumacher, a German from the German colony in Haifa, designed the compound. During the revolution of 1905, Prince Sergei Alexandrovich, the founder of the compound and the initiator of the Russian imperial activity in Palestine, was killed. The compound operated before the revolution, and then it was led by the British during their reign in Palestine. There was a hospital, a school, and a hotel for a thousand people in the courtyard. The name Moskubia comes from the Arabic pronunciation of Muscovy, that is, the Russian lands.

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Evgeny Praisman
Nazareth in Christmas

We decided to go to Nazareth for Christmas. But very quickly, we realized that it is possible and necessary to come to Nazareth without any particular reason. It is a very self-sufficient, authentic, traditional, and modern city with a good spirit, smiling people, and delicious food. We took a walk from Maria’s well through the streets of the old town to the colorful bazaar, the white mosque, the synagogue church, the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of the House of Joseph, the Museum of cave-dwelled Nazareth, Fahome Coffee Shop, Alreda Restaurant, and Tishreen Restaurant. It was a wonderful trip!

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