Pinsteps. Monument to Human Rights Defenders on Sakharov Square in Nuremberg
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The artist Johannes Brus created this monument in 1992 on the square named after Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov. Four massive columns are made of industrial presses. It is impossible not to feel their heaviness and pressure. They allegorically show the atmosphere of enormous public pressure and persecution created by the Soviet regime concerning Andrei Sakharov, the defender of human rights in the former USSR. Amid these columns is a blue rider on a strong horse. This horseman is not combined with either color, shape, or texture with the surrounding rusty pillars. It tells us how human rights defenders look like in totalitarian regimes. But the horse carries not one rider but two. These riders symbolize "there is safety in numbers" two are joining by one, then three by one, and so else, until a national movement appears.

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Nuremberg for those who love walking around. I love to walk around the city and discover its stories, people, tastes, sounds, views. This walk takes a whole day and includes the most beautiful photo locations of the city. We will walk along the embankments of the Pegnitz River from the eastern to the western gates; we will be able to take beautiful photos near the Holy Spirit Hospital, the museum bridge, and the old meat market, the executioner's house, the chain bridge, and Maxbruck. We will leave the old city for a few minutes to enjoy the autumn park, enchanted by a crossbow shooter. We will visit the house of Albrecht Durer and find out the history of the most intriguing fake portrait in the history of humankind. We will have lunch at the oldest restaurant in the city and end our journey in the area of ​​the red light district.

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