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Below the square is the “Hypostyle Hall” or the Hall of the Hundred Columns, also called the “Doric Temple”. It was built between 1908 and 1909 as a market for a residential area. However, it never happened. Despite the fact that the hall is called the hall of 100 columns, it consists of 86 columns with a height of 6.16 m and a diameter of 1.20 m, made of concrete and crushed stone, imitating marble. Originally, this room had 90 columns, but Gaudi eliminated four of them and replaced them with free space. Four large round panels were placed in the form of rosettes with a diameter of 3 m. They, according to the plan of the architect, represent the four seasons of the year, depicting the sun. They are complemented by 14 small panels in the center of the arch with a diameter of one meter, which represent the lunar cycle. Translated with Google Translate

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Park Guell and Sagrada Familia from Girona metro station. In the evening, you can get to the famous Montjuic fountains and admire their evening light and sound performance. Translated with Google Translate

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