Pinsteps. Venetian wall of Nicosia outward-facing bastion next to Famagusta gate
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The Venetian walls of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, are a unique and distinctive example of 16th-century military architecture. They were built between 1567 and 1570 by the Venetian Republic, which controlled Cyprus then, to protect the city from potential invasions, especially by the expanding Ottoman Empire.

The fortification design of the walls is characterised by their circular shape, with a perimeter of approximately 5 kilometres, encompassing the old city. The walls feature 11 heart-shaped bastions at regular intervals, three gates (Famagusta, Paphos, and Kyrenia), and a deep moat surrounding the walls. The walls were made of earth and stone, which helped to absorb cannon fire and provided better resistance to artillery attacks.

The outward-facing bastions are one of the key unique features of the Venetian walls. These bastions were designed to provide overlapping fields of fire, allowing defenders to protect one another from various angles. This design made it difficult for attackers to approach the walls without being exposed to defensive fire.

The Venetian walls of Nicosia hold significant historical and cultural value, as they are a testament to the city's rich past and the military engineering expertise of the Venetians. Today, the walls stand as an important tourist attraction and a symbol of the diverse heritage of Nicosia and Cyprus.

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Nicosia and Kakopetria of May 1, 2023

A one-day tour of Nicosia and Kakopetria is a great way to experience the history, culture, and natural beauty of Cyprus. Starting in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, you can explore the island's rich history by visiting numerous historical sites, such as the Venetian walls, Ledra Street, and the buffering zones.

After a morning of sightseeing in Nicosia, head to the picturesque village of Kakopetria in the Troodos Mountains. This charming village is renowned for its traditional architecture, including beautiful stone houses and winding cobblestone streets. Stroll through the town to admire the beautiful homes or visit the Church of Transfiguration, which boasts stunning frescoes from the post-Byzantine era.

One of the most popular attractions in Kakopetria is the Karkotis River, which offers a perfect setting for relaxing sightseeing or a refreshing waterfall breeze of the clear waters. For those who enjoy hiking, the Vateri Nature Trail is a great way to explore the surrounding mountains and forests.

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