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After, his death, he was buried within the Engleistra according to his detailed instructions. His successor, Isaias, is mentioned in the writings of Neophytos, but nothing is known about his time as abbot, nor is there any information about any other abbots during the 13th, 14th, or 15th centuries. However, it is speculated that the heads of the monastery following Neophytos did not hold to his isolationist lifestyle. The monastery was expanded, and new paintings and decorations were added over the centuries, although not very often. One major overhaul was undertaken by another monk named Neophytos in 1503, who ordered the renovation of several original artworks as well as additional new icons, all paid for with his own money. The community fluctuated between growth and decline for several centuries but became stagnant around the seventeenth century. In 1631, after the abbot Leontios set about to preclude its dissolution, it was declared to have precedence over all other monasteries on Cyprus by the Patriarch Cyril Loukaris from Constantinople. Over the last several centuries, the monastery and its buildings were often repaired and expanded upon to keep them from being lost to time. It continues to be inhabited to this day, and the monks within promote the publication of historical manuscripts written within their walls to preserve their history.

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Baths of Adonis and Aphrodite is a beautiful place with a waterfall and an old mill. Neophytos Monastery is a place where history, faith, and wonders of creation meet together. The cozy streets of the upper city will tell you about the modern history of the town and invite you to enjoy the local bar or restaurant.

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