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Here are three multiplex cinema, which makes Kennedy Square almost the center of entertainment in Paphos. In the shopping and entertainment center Titania, feature films are broadcast by one of the oldest projectors. As for nightlife, in the area of ​Ktima concentrated a vast number of noisy bars, among which Kraft is worth. As a rule, almost always live music is played here. In addition to entertainment places of various stripes, Kennedy Square is also known for its luxurious restaurant Noir - this place is popular with locals and tourists for serving delicious canapes and delicious wines of Cyprus. If there are no free places in the Noir restaurant, take a look at the adjacent bar, Boulevard. It is also a wine bar, in which there is a green garden hidden in the courtyard with magical lights and natural coolness, but this place at the corner of the Square is famous for the unsurpassed sushi. Not far from Kennedy Square is the Paphos City Hall.

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Baths of Adonis and Aphrodite is a beautiful place with a waterfall and an old mill. Neophytos Monastery is a place where history, faith, and wonders of creation meet together. The cozy streets of the upper city will tell you about the modern history of the town and invite you to enjoy the local bar or restaurant.

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