Pinsteps. Wall painting on Cardo, Old City of Jerusalem.

After the Six-Day War, the Jewish Quarter was excavated, thoroughly investigated, and restored. Archaeological excavations have made it possible to understand the appearance of the city in ancient times. The restored old Cardo Street will be revealed here before our eyes. Pillars supporting wooden beams and stone arches are the authentic remains of the ancient cardo structures. The painting on the wall allows you to look at the imaginary continuation of the street, which continues north. The painting depicts people. We can identify their origin and craft according to their attire. For example, on the left is painted Roman in a blue toga. We can rest assured that he is Roman on the basis that he has no beard. Shaving is a Roman tradition. In the center of the street, a Jewish man is seen riding a donkey, coming from the north, probably from Galilee. He has a big beard. He brings goods, including pomegranates and olive oil. In the foreground is a Jewish pilgrim with two daughters, one in a Greek-Roman costume and another in a traditional Jewish dress. One of the girls holds out her hand with an apple to a boy, dressed in modern clothes, with a backpack and a baseball cap. In this scene, the artist expressed the continuity of the generations. A Jewish girl, wearing Roman clothes, actually an assimilated girl, is the one who hands over the boy an apple - a symbol of the integrity of the Jewish people.

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Jerusalem Old City Holy Sepulcher and Wailing Wall

The trip takes us from the Jaffa Gate through the Christian Quarter to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. After that, we will visit Golgotha, the stone of anointing, burial, and resurrection, St. Helena Chapel - the site where the Holy cross was found. Further, the route passes through Muristan to the Jewish Quarter, Kardo Street, excavations of the walls of Jerusalem from the time of Jesus, the mosaic of Madaba, the Hurva Synagogue, the Menorah, the panorama of the Olive and Temple Mountains, the Wailing Wall. Finally, we return to the Jaffa Gate through the Muslim Quarter, the monuments of the Mamluk architecture, and the street of David.

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