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There is a large public parking, it is convenient to park the car and, oddly enough, it is absolutely free. (in any case, not August 2018). Directly before us is the Church of St. Vincent. Vincent was a martyr and is one of the main saints of Spain and Portugal. He was a priest of the monastery in Zaragoza (By the way, this city got its name from the Roman name: Caesar Augustus). Just like Potes, it has the Roman name BRIDGES from its strategic location at the confluence of two major rivers of the valley - the Deva River and the River Kvives. Potes created as a supporting path still Pompey, but since that time much water has flowed under the bridge. And while water flowed in the rivers, the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana arose not far from Potes in the dawn of the kingdom of Wesgotov, along with Rome, Jerusaim and Santiago de Compostela has full indulgences - that is, absolution. And in the 15th century, during the reign of Count Nino, the church of St. Vincent standing before us was laid. Whether from the great love of Beatrice of Portugal, the church was named this way (Vincent is the patron saint of Portugal), or for another reason, but the church of St. Vincent is one of the main ones in the city and it was built over 4 centuries. Translated with Google Translate

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A tiny medieval town in the mountains. Beautiful views and unexpected stories. Translated with Google Translate

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