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The geology of the Tsuk Tamrur area, like most of Israel, is characterised by sedimentary rocks rather than metamorphic rocks. Sedimentary rocks form over millions of years as material accumulates in layers in the sea or on land. The area is home to several sedimentary rocks, including chalk, dolomite, and flint.

Chalk, composed of the mineral calcite (CaCO3), is light in colour. This rock forms as a result of both chemical and biological sedimentation, precisely the accumulation of sea creature skeletons made of calcite. These skeletons are preserved today as fossils within the rock layers.

Dolomite rocks are similar to chalk but are harder, usually darker, and tend to have a brownish tint. In addition to calcite, dolomite crystals contain magnesium ions (Mg). These rocks form the majority of the cliffs that line the Dead Sea.

Finally, there are flint rocks. These hard rocks have a dark outer layer and often a glassy appearance. They are composed of the mineral silica (SiO2). Early humans used flint to create tools, such as cutting implements, spears, and arrowheads. Even now, remains of these tools can be found scattered throughout the region. The friction between flint rocks can create sparks, a quality that made them useful for starting fires in early humans.

Below the flint rock layers, you typically find layers of chalk. These rocks are dazzling white and have a roundish shape. They are made up of many broken skeletons of microscopic sea snails.

While other rocks, such as chert and claystone, can be found in the area, they are less common.

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Evgeny Praisman
Tsuk Tamrur Trek Exploring the Geological Wonders

The Tsuk Tamrur trek in the Judean Desert, Israel, is a journey of stark contrasts, otherworldly landscapes, and geological wonders. It starts with ascending on the huge Tzuk Tamrur plate, where the geological shifts and a wide variety of desert flora create a captivating experience. This stretch of the trek allows explorers to experience the eeriness and excitement of travelling through a desert environment under a scorching sun, the length of the shadows often indicating how often one should hydrate - a critical aspect of desert survival.

One of the most notable parts of the journey is the crossing of Nahal Bokek stream, an area shaped over millions of years by rainwaters that have created smooth, polished rocks, steep gorges, and unique terrain formations. The most iconic is the Bokek Waterfall, a seasonal marvel visible only during flash flood events in the desert. The stream's name, Bokek, originating from a Hebrew word meaning 'to bleach,' illustrates the erosion and bleaching of the surrounding limestone by the stream.

Travellers also witness the region's geological wonders, such as the flat-topped remnants of former cliffs that weathering and erosion have reduced to sand, giving the area its distinctive desert look. These cliffs resemble the Tsuk Tamrur, a unique, stratified chalk terrace formation, presenting a striking feature in the landscape.

The trail concludes at the Nahal Bokek lookout, which offers a breath-taking view of the canyon leading into the lower stream, the Bokek oasis, and the Dead Sea hotels, an idea that's both a testament to nature's power and the perfect finale to this extraordinary journey.

The Tsuk Tamrur trek embodies the spirit of the desert, a testament to the timeless interplay of geological forces, and a journey that leaves an indelible impression on anyone who undertakes it.

Please check the weather conditions and get recommendations from the Israeli Trail and Track Authority Moked Teva before starting

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