Pinsteps. The Sworn Obelisk Vermählungsbrunnen
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The Sworn Obelisk on the Market Square (formerly the Roman Forum) dates back to the oath made by Emperor Leopold I in 1702 before his son Joseph set out to besiege the fortress of Landau during the War of the Spanish Succession against France. Joseph returned unharmed, victorious. However, it was only after Leopold's death on May 5, 1705, that his sons fulfilled the vow. Under Joseph I, according to the design of the court architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, the sculptural composition depicted Saint Joseph - the betrothed of the Virgin Mary. Originally, the composition was made of wood. Over time, the image of Joseph and Mary came to remind the citizens more of a wedding than the emperor's oath, and the fountain was called the Wedding Fountain. Subsequent reconstructions and embellishments aimed at making it more beautiful were carried out.

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Vienna. The Ringstrasse.

A leisurely stroll through the historic part of the city unfolds a tapestry of enchanting landmarks. The city park, adorned with the melodies of Strauss and Schubert, leads to the venerable city gates named after Luger and Mozart. The narrative of "Ah, My Sweet Augustine" echoes through time, while the oldest church in the city stands as a testament to bygone eras. The tales of Theodor Herzl, the anchor clocks, the Jewish quarter, the square where it all began, the longest narrow alley, the Estergazi restaurant, and Andersen's house weave together seamlessly.

Wander down Graben Street, passing by the plague column and fountains, where the stories of homes, people, words, legends, and traditions blend harmoniously. Amidst it all, relish the charm of restaurants, cafes, wines, and coziness that add an extra layer of warmth to this rich tapestry of history and culture.

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