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Opposite there is the large Stefel department store with a viewing platform on the seventh floor, from there a beautiful view of Vienna and the Cathedral of St. Stefan. And in this department store a convenient system of VAT refunds for tourists. This is done in the machine without a queue quickly and in cash. Here, from the piquant shops on Kortnrstrasse, the famous shop of the German fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld is known. Design fame in clothes and accessories and a love of natural fur brought him world fame. His passion was more than once the object of attacks by animal defenders. Karl was not a little criticized by his sensational once marriage with his life partner Jacques to Basher. After the death of her husband from AIDS in 1989, Carl lives alone. Translated with Google Translate

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Albertina and Stephen's Cathedral.

From Stephansplatz through the ancient Karststrasse to the Albertina Gallery. In Albertine, there was a Monet exhibition, when the works of this artist were brought from different museums of the world and exhibited together, presenting the same places at different times of the year or at different times of the day. And the walk ended on the square of the old market, the funny story of Mark Twain. Translated with Google Translate

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