Pinsteps. Rift Revelations: Unveiling the Dead Sea's Tectonic Tale
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The Syrian-African Rift, part of the Great Rift Valley, is a significant geological feature that extends from Lebanon to Mozambique. This rift demonstrates the separation of the Earth's crust due to tectonic plate movements, a process that has been ongoing for millions of years. It's known for its geological activities, such as earthquakes, with researchers from Tel Aviv University suggesting the region is prone to earthquakes stronger and more frequent than previously estimated. They indicate that significant earthquakes, possibly around magnitude 6.5, could occur roughly every 1,300 to 1,400 years.

The rift valley is characterized by its steep cliffs, as seen in the image, and is a result of the Earth's tectonic forces trying to create new plates by splitting apart old ones. This process has been happening since the Miocene epoch, shaping the landscape into its current form with unique ecosystems and a diverse range of wildlife parks across its length.

The image of the cliffs illustrates the dramatic geological features that are a direct result of the tectonic activity in the region. The cliffs' formation, composed of sedimentary rock layers, tells the story of the rift's history, revealing the dynamic and active geological

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Bokek Stream adventure Uncover History! Hiking near the Dead Sea on Jan 11, 2024

Your day hike along the Bokek Stream promises to be enriching and exciting. Starting from Tsuk Tamrur, a name that testifies to British oil exploration attempts in the 1930s, you will proceed towards Bokek Fortress near the Dead Sea. Along the way, you'll encounter stunning landscapes and learn many stories, including the region's geological past. This journey offers insights into human activities and natural phenomena, such as the Syrian-African Rift, which led to the formation of the Dead Sea Valley.

As the sun sets behind the mountains in the evening, you'll descend into the Dead Sea Valley. This part of the route is awe-inspiring due to its dramatic elevation drop of about four hundred meters. The view from the observation deck is breathtaking, especially during twilight. This unique blend of history, geology, and incredible natural beauty makes the hike along the Bokek Stream an unforgettable experience.

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