Pinsteps. The spurge in the ancient Waladzha orchards, Jerusalem mountains
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A field of a yellowish fleshy plant called spurge. The name was given to him because of the milk. Everything that has milk in it is potentially poisonous. In the Middle Ages, a perception was created that everything in this world was made for man and that signs should be understood. For example, to associate and combine plants and organs by colour. Red - is good for the blood, yellow - is good for the liver, etc. In the Middle Ages, it was even called the theory of signs. The approach is prevalent among field grass pickers. The orchid has a tuber from which beige colour milk comes out. It reminds us of the seminal fluid, and that's why medieval people thought that the orchid helped fertility. Another proof of this is the name of the plant in Latin. Orchid translated from Latin is testicles.

Deer tracks can be seen. That's how it always is in nature: plants and animals come first. The forest is recovering after a big fire, and the deer tracks show that character completes the life cycle after a disaster.

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One day Trip to Ein Itamar, Ein Lavan, Ein Haniya and Har Gilo (Mount Gilo)

This day trip in the Judean Mountains south of the Jerusalem Mountains reveals hidden wonders surrounding Israel's capital. At the centre of things are Nahal Rafaim and its surroundings. We will start with a spectacular view over Nahal Refaim, go down to Ein Itamar, reach Ein Lavan, cross the stream, and visit Ein Haniya. Then, for dessert, we will go to the highest mountain in the area, Mount Gila, and learn the history and story of the place. The most recommended season is spring, the month of March, when the almond blossoms, primroses and lupines, lavender and Lof blossom, anemones and orchids hide between the rocks. Have a nice trip!
TIP: It is better to travel in two cars in a friendly company, leaving one car in the parking lot of Emek Refaim Park and getting to the start of the route in the other vehicle. Then, having completed the walking part in Ein Haniya, return to the car in the parking lot in Emek Refaim Park, rejoin the first car and climb Mount Gilo together and complete the route. Of course, travelling independently to any point on the road is possible.

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