Pinsteps. Museum Park of Ungurmuiz, Latvia
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This place is called Manor under the Oaks. The first thing we saw, besides the house in the distance, was huge magnificent majestic oaks. The Ungurmuiza manor is a vast, quiet, calm and wooden building of the XVIII century, in the center of which stands the only one of the wooden baroque manor houses that has survived in Latvia to this day. It was built in 1732 by Baron von Campenhausen as a family estate. Balthazar von Kampenhausen bought Ungurmuizu Manor in 1728. He was the son of the Swedish colonel and vice-commandant of Riga Johann German von Kampenhausen (1641-1705). Balthazar took part in the battle of Narva (1700) on the side of Sweden. After the battle of Poltava, he left with the remnants of the forces of King Charles XII in the city of Bender. In the fall of 1710 he was detained in Poland with a secret assignment on his way to Stockholm, and he was recruited to the Russian service. As part of the Russian troops, Baron Balthazar von Kampenhausen took part in many battles of the Northern War, received wounds and awards and ranks, and in 1725 he was honored to carry the coffin at the funeral of Tsar Peter I. In 1721, ten years later, the Baron left military service and began to equip their estates among which is the Ungurmuizha estate. Not long before his death, he was elevated to the barons of the Kingdom of Sweden. Kampenhausen died in 1738. In 1917, the Cossacks plundered and defeated the estate. The descendants of the Campenhausen lived on the estate until 1939. The last one was Lily. Translated with Google Translate

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Golden Autumn of Latvia, Cesis, Riga

Day trip through the Gauja river park, old manors, ancient Cesis and a medieval castle, the Baltic Sea and coniferous forest and of course the beautiful old woman of Riga Translated with Google Translate

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