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The cable car was built in 1986 on the personal initiative of the then-mayor of the city, Mr. Gurevich. Unfortunately, Gurevich did not meet with support among the municipality members and was criticized for profligate. To which Gurevich said that he was pleased to spend money on the entertainment of citizens. In addition, he quoted from the utopian book of Theodor Herzl, the seer of the Jewish state, predicted the cable car in Haifa. For over forty years, it is almost the most famous entertainment for a resident of the city. The length of the entertainment is 355 meters.

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Haifa: two shrines and a cable car

We will climb the cable car from the embankment of Bat Galim to Stella Maris, Stella Maris Monastery, and the church. Descent along the path of the monks through the chapel of the holy family to the cave of Elijah the Prophet and the maritime museum.

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