Pinsteps. Primate's Palace: A Historic Jewel of Bratislava
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The Primate's Palace (Slovak: Primaciálny palác; Hungarian: Prímási palota) is a neoclassical palace in Bratislava's Old Town, the capital of Slovakia. Built between 1778 and 1781 for Archbishop József Batthyány by architect Melchior Hefele, it is a significant historical landmark. The palace's Mirror Hall was the site of signing the fourth Peace of Pressburg in 1805, ending the Third Coalition War. Today, it serves as the residence of Bratislava's mayor.

The Mirror Hall witnessed a pivotal moment in European history with Johann I Joseph, Prince of Liechtenstein, Ignác Gyulai, and Charles Maurice de Talleyrand signing the treaty after the Battle of Austerlitz. This treaty led to the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire and the proclamation of Emperor Francis II as Francis I of Austria, commemorated by a Roman-style bust of the emperor near the hall.

The palace also hosted the first session of the Hungarian Diet in its university library. István Széchenyi, a notable Hungarian figure, donated his annual income to establish the Hungarian Academy of Sciences here. Ferdinand V of Hungary presented Hungary's first responsible government in the palace, including notable figures like Lajos Batthyány, Lajos Kossuth, and István Széchenyi.

In 1903, the city acquired the palace. During its renovation, six previously unknown tapestries were discovered depicting the tragic love story of Hero and Leander, woven in the 1630s at the Mortlake Tapestry Works near London.

Between the World Wars, the Mirror Hall hosted literary lectures and author evenings, attended by figures like Zsigmond Móricz and Thomas Mann. The scientist Paracelsus briefly lived here, and a memorial plaque commemorates his stay.

The Primate's Palace briefly served as the temporary residence of the President of Slovakia before the Grassalkovich Palace became the permanent presidential residence in 1996. The palace is a tourist attraction open to visitors, and its famed Mirror Hall hosts meetings of Bratislava's City Council.

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