Pinsteps. Monument in Abrasha Park, Jaffa
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The large stone sculpture of the sculptor, reminiscent of an ancient gate, was created by sculptor Daniel Kafri from Jerusalem between 1973-1975. The gate consists of two pillars four meters high and a stone four meters long rests on them. These sculptural gates symbolize the gates to the Land of Israel and express the connection of the Jewish forefathers - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with the Land of Israel in the past, present and future. On one of the pillars depicts the sacrifice of Abraham, on the other the dream of Jacob. And not on the upper horizontal stone, priests surround the city of Jericho, holding a shofar, and carry the Ark of the Covenant. This gate also connects Ancient Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv, the mountains of Jerusalem in the east and Europe in the west, because it was through Jaffa that Peter went from Jerusalem to Rome in order to create the Church of Jesus there. Translated with Google Translate

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Tel Aviv from its beginning back to Jaffa

One of the most interesting pages in the history of Tel Aviv and Jaffa is the relationship of cities throughout the twentieth century. Jaffa has been a large port city for centuries, and Tel Aviv was only conceived in 1909. The first railway in Palestine was built between Jaffa and Jerusalem when Tel Aviv was not yet there. The Manshia quarter - at the junction of Jaffa and Tel Aviv - ceased to exist during the war for the Independence of Israel. Jaffa became part of the booming Tel Aviv, but retained its identity. All these stories will be told by the route from Mitham aTahan - the old railway station, across the Manshia embankment to ancient Jaffa to the top of the hill of Abrashi Park, where today the most beautiful and most famous view of Tel Aviv and Jaffa opens. Translated with Google Translate

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