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This is the Declaration of Independence of Israel. Its original, already for 20 years, is stored in the archive. 37 members of the people's council put their signatures on it. First is the signature of Ben Gurion, then signatures in alphabetical order. Due to corrections and changes that were made until the last moment, there was no time left for creating a clean, calligraphic text, write by a special scriber on parchment. They decided to put the signatures on a blank sheet, and then the text itself was written in calligraphy. The declaration does not have the signature of the first president of the country, Chaim Weizmann. This story is full of rumors and is shrouded in hundreds of gossip, even to the point that Weizmann was offended by Ben Gurion for signing first, and was forced to sign like everyone in alphabetical order. However, if we look at the historical events of that time, we will understand that on the day of signing the declaration of independence, Weizman was not a member of the people's council.

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Knesset - Israeli Parliament, Jerusalem

Excursions to the Knesset the Parliament of the State of Israel, the main legislative body, are conducted by the Parliament's Public Relations Service. Guided tours are available for individual visitors on Sundays and Thursdays in seven languages. The length of the tour is an hour and a half. To book an excursion, to inquire about the dress code and safety rules, please contact the Parliament Press Service of the Invitations and Permits Department: Phone: 02-675-3337 Fax: 02-649-6589 E-mail: or on the Parliament website: https : //

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