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Today this place is called the Horse Garden and flea markets take place on Fridays. Once this place was located far enough away from the old city of Jerusalem. The first inhabitants of this area were the Jews. During a massive development along Ben Yehuda Street, Arab-Christian architect and contractor George Schieber purchased this site. In the late 1920s, he served as a football ground for the Hapoel Jerusalem team, but Schieber had big plans for building it. In the 1930s and 1940s, various programs were presented, which offered a theater, a cinema, a shopping center, a skyscraper and a hotel designed by the family of Erahmiel Amdursky. The Amdur were the owners of the famous Jewish hotel on Omar Square in front of the Yafsky Gate. In 1936, a deep excavation was dug to lay the foundation for an 8-story building, which was planned to be turned into a 15-story building in the future. With the beginning of the Great Arab Uprising in 1936, work was stopped and investors left the project. The remaining pit was called: "Pit Schieber." Translated with Google Translate

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