Pinsteps. The Braun family clothing store on Graben, Vienna
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The street lighting in Vienna for Christmas is gorgeous. But the markets open after November 19th. Therefore, in the meantime, the beauty is not yet seen in all its glory. It is not easy to imagine today, but the population of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was 45 million people. Today population of Austria is 9 million. Graben Street is the city's main pedestrian street, and its name means "moat. It was the Moat of Vienna when Vienna was a Roman camp. This store used to be a Jewish store. The Braun family owned prestigious clothing stores in Vienna. They had branches in Prague, Berlin and Carlsbad. They sewed clothes on the spot. In World War II, the family left Vienna and passed the property to the church in the hope that they would return. After the war they returned but decided to sell on the condition that the purpose of the store and its design would not change.

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Extremely recommend spending two hours in Vienna with guide Tom. He tells the stories of the city and its history in the short, interesting and elegant way. The trip starts from Stephan Platz, passes through the streets of Graben, the Jewish quarter, Am Hof and ends at Ferstel Palace and the Mekler cellar.

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