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The Spasskaya Tower is the main tower of the Moscow Kremlin. Through it, kings and priests went out to the Red Square, greeted delegations and solemnly drove into the Kremlin. It was also built by Antonio Solari from Milan at the invitation of Ivan the Third. In their times, the tower was called Frolovskoy on behalf of the church Frol and Laurus in the territory of the Kremlin. The name of Spasskaya appeared during the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, the second king of the Romanov dynasty, when the icon of the Savior was not made by hands over the entrance to the tower. In the time of Peter the tower was decorated with a clock with chimes by Dutch masters. In Soviet times, in 1935, a red star appeared above the tower with a beam of 3.75 meters. Inside it, a 5000-watt lamp is lit and the star rotates like a weather vane. Translated with Google Translate

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Moscow City, Arbat, Alexander Garden and Red Square.

The route consists of three different districts of Moscow that are completely different from each other. City is modernity, offices, high-rise glass skyscrapers and the atmosphere of a business center in the super modern Western style. Arbat - old and new - is a window into the hysterical and Soviet past of the city. Alexander Garden and Red Square are the heart of Moscow. The route can be divided into three separate parts, and you can visit them a full day. Translated with Google Translate

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