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Getting to the Adonis pool is not easy. The road leads through the hills, and almost not passable for cars in rainy weather. Moreover, if you use the rented vehicle, any damage to the bottom is not covered by insurance, and traveling to these places may not be cheap. At the same time, in dry weather, on the second gear, or the first one on ascents and even steep descents, and you can use the small private car, drive for a long time, and always shake. Some travelers choose to rent ATVs or mopeds. If you do not have the experience of driving a motorbike on a rocky road - it is better to use the ATV. The first parking in front of the entrance to the reserve. There is a closer one, but it is necessary to cross the course of concrete with a sharp injection - we, on our rented clunker, decided to walk a few hundred meters.

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Baths of Adonis and Aphrodite is a beautiful place with a waterfall and an old mill. Neophytos Monastery is a place where history, faith, and wonders of creation meet together. The cozy streets of the upper city will tell you about the modern history of the town and invite you to enjoy the local bar or restaurant.

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