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The Maximilian Fountain, or Roland's Fountain, is Bratislava's most renowned and oldest. Its location had been the heart of the city long before the fountain's establishment, where bustling markets thrived, the Town Hall stood, and the city's social life buzzed. A well and a large water reservoir from the early 16th century for firefighting purposes marked this spot.

Erected in 1572 by order of Maximilian II, the King of Hungary and the first to be crowned in Bratislava, the fountain was a response to a fire during his coronation festivities in 1563 that spread across the city. Maximilian's directive to install water reservoirs that are accessible year-round is commemorated by this magnificent fountain at the Main Square. It not only honors the monarch but also his contributions to the city.

The fountain features a Christian knight, symbolizing Maximilian, standing in armour and a helmet, with a sword in his left hand atop a high pedestal overlooking the Town Hall. The pedestal is inscribed with Latin verses extolling the king's greatness and a dedicated side detailing significant historical events linked to the king.

Designed by the Austrian stonecutter Andreas Luttringer, the fountain shows Italian influences in some elements. It has undergone several transformations over the years, losing some original features like the four urinating boys' figures, which were relocated in the 1830s to a smaller fountain on Ursulinenstrasse.

2007, a marble circle was added, altering the fountain's appearance. Today, it's a beloved spot for locals to meet and is shrouded in legends, mainly highlighting King Maximilian's role as a city patron. The Maximilian Fountain symbolizes Bratislava's rich history and architectural heritage.

The image is a creative interpretation based on the real Maximilian Fountain, while Google Panorama offers the opportunity to view the actual fountain in its current, live state.

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